About Champions Learning Centre
Champions Fun Learning Centre is dedicated to providing the best one-to-one learning centre for children who are under-achieving, those with disabiliteis and difficulties and those who need accelerating as well as providing more challenge for those children who are ahead with their academic work. Children learn better in a relaxed and friendly environment. The learning programme is tailor-made to suit each pupil's needs.

We look at their current school report, along with our test results, and structure their learning activities according to their immediate needs. 

Although we have a relaxed approach to teaching and learning, work activities are very challenging as we monitor children's progress and academic achievements.

Children do aptitude tests regularly to ensure understanding and consolidation of each topic, but this is all done in a relaxed way for less pressure and less stress.

We liaise with local schools in the vicinity of the centre, since a partnership collaboration gives rewarding success. We are members of Bristol Supplementary Support Consortium, CONTINYOU and The National Resource Centre for Supplementary Support and an Ofsted registered centre.
Champions Fun Learning Centre's (CFLC) philosophy encourages children to develop academic discipline so that they can take their learning into their own hands. This is done by allowing children to learn using various methods and techniques and connecting pupils with the right staff.

This bolsters confidence and love for learning and fosters a passion for knowledge. The tutors encourage, guide and aid the process for excellence and independent learning.

The philosophy of learning puts the pupil in a learning mode where knowledge for the core subjects is pursued with eagerness and enthusiasm. 

The tutors guide and fuel this passion with greater understanding and obtain the necessary results that each pupil is capable of delivering.

Champions Fun Learning Centre's philosophy can be summed up in the following proverb:

  "Labour for learning before you grow old, for learning is better than silver and gold. Silver and Gold will vanish away, but a good education will never decay."
Learning Methodology                                 Results

Our method is simple and effective. We will simply start at the pupil’s level by matching their primary or secondary school band/level.

This allows us to meet requirements accordingly and see improvements and measure results.

Pupils are also encouraged to learn a new word each week. This will widen their vocabulary and give them confidence in verbal communication. 

Pupils cover Mental Maths, Mathematics, Spelling, Reading and Writing, English Language & Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, based on what parents request.

The Champions Learning Centre is a One-to-One Supplementary support for children ages 5-16, key stages 1- 4. The work is based on the National Curriculum with each pupil's school curriculum and meets standards for Maths, English, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Sciences and all exam boards for KS4. 
"I look forward to attending each week. My grades have improved."

Thanushan, KS4, Yr 11
Champions Fun Learning Centre, 7-9 Emery Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5PF                                      Registered Charity #1144522; OFSTED #EY448743; NRC # 776
"Champions Learning Centre is a fun and useful place to go to learn new and interesting things (not including assessments). This learning centre has boosted my levels a lot"

​Ajay, KS3, Year 9
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