Can children attend more than one session?
Frequently Asked Questions
How many sessions are there?
Can the pupil do only the subject(s) requested by the parent(s)?

Yes. Children can attend more than one session per week; however, there may be a cost that reflects this.
At Champions Fun Learning Centre, we will help and support you with any questions you may have. Some of the most commonly asked questions are listed below. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
In our St George and Brislington centres, there are three sessions between 4pm and 7pm from Monday to Friday. We also have four sessions between 10am and 2pm on Saturdays.

In our Bedminster centre, there are three sessions between 4pm and 7pm from Monday to Friday. Each session lasts for one hour.
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Are there any concessions available?
Yes. We structure the learning according to the needs of the pupil. If the parent(s) request that we work on only one subject, or perhaps two or more topics, we will do just that.  
My children are above the national curriculum level for their age; can the centre help them to maintain this level or push them above?
Sure we can. We supplement children's education. So if the pupil is above we challenge them and structure their learning for the next level.
Do you have qualified teachers?
Yes. We do have qualified teachers. Our tutoring staff consists of Qualified Teachers (QT), Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT), Trainee Teachers and non teachers. All of our staff tutors are qualified with an appropriate level of qualifications to aid the learning process of the children they support.

Can I leave my children at the centre for their learning session?
Yes, you can. All staff and volunteers with contact are screened, referenced and are DBS (CRB) cleared, so your children are safe. Furthermore, we operate a strict child protection policy and the learning centre is a member of NRC, which guides our Quality Framework. In addition, we are an Ofsted registered learning centre. Our senior staff members also attend child protection training with BSCB every 2 years. Finally, we operate CCTV for safety.

What if my children were unable to attend the learning centre at any time due to illness or emergency; would I get a refund of fees paid or any donations made for those days?

No. It is the duty and responsibility of both parent(s) and pupil to ensure attendance. If the pupil doesn't attend the charity we still incur expenses. However, if it is possible to offer a refund, we will.
Is the Learning Centre open during term time only?
No. We are open year-round. We do expect children to attend out of term to get the best out of the learning programme. However, we are aware that families go on holiday and some children will be away. The fee or fixed donation is paid each month regardless of school term breaks. We are closed only for Easter Monday and Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day, New Years day and all bank holidays.
My children are GCSE level students and they use AQA and Edexcel boards. Are you able to support them using such resources?
Yes. We have experience with all GCSE boards and each pupil will do work based on the exam board requirements. Each pupil is personally tutored so all their text books, resources and techniques will be based around the exam board the school uses.

We do provide concessions based on financial circumstances, and as funding allows. We provide discounts on registration fees to anyone who has three or more children. We also exempt contributions for scholarship children.
"I enjoy coming to CLC because I've made a lot of progress in the past months. It's also a fun environment to learn and I'm setting my own targets."

Hanad, 11, KS2 - yr 6
"I like CLC because you get your own tutor that can help you when you're stuck. It's not noisy so I can concentrate more on my work and don't focus on people around me."

Jairaj, 15, KS4 - yr  10
"CLC provides a friendly and calm learning environment, which is helpful whilst trying to concentrate and learn. The tutors are well knowledgeable in their specific subject area, which is really useful as they can make you see the topic they teach in a new and understandable way."

Thanushan, 16, KS4 -      year  11
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